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StealthWriter AI Text Detector: 99.8% Accuracy – Free Tool


In a world driven by technology, where artificial intelligence plays a growing role in shaping our digital landscape, the need for effective AI detection tools is greater than ever.

Whether it’s in content creation, social media, or online discussions, the presence of AI-generated content is becoming increasingly obvious. This raises concerns about authenticity and the spread of misleading or false information.

In response to these challenges, we introduce you to Stealthwriter AI Detector, a powerful tool designed to help you identify AI-generated content with precision.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of this tool, the key features of Stealthwriter, how it operates, real-world examples of its accuracy, and provide a call to action to help you become a more informed and vigilant digital citizen.

Let’s dive in and discover how Stealthwriter can help you navigate the AI-driven digital landscape.

How Stealthwriter AI Detector Works

At the heart of Stealthwriter AI Detector lies advanced machine learning algorithms, engineered to scrutinize and compare text against established patterns of AI-generated content derived from a diverse array of AI text generators.

This high-tech system enables Stealthwriter to stand out as an accurate AI content detection tool.

Stealthwriter AI Detector is tailored to identify content from a wide spectrum of AI text generators. While it excels in detecting content produced by well-known generators, its adaptability extends to effectively recognizing content generated by lesser-known ones as well.

This versatility is a testament to its strong capabilities to keep pace with the evolving landscape of AI-generated content.

When you submit content for analysis through Stealthwriter, rest assured that your data remains secure. Their commitment is unwavering: your submitted content is strictly used for the purpose of analysis, with no storage or sharing of your valuable information. Your privacy and trust are of paramount concern to them.

Features of Stealthwriter AI Detector

Stealthwriter AI Detector is packed with an array of features designed to empower you in your quest to identify AI-generated content with precision. Let’s delve into what makes this tool stand out:

  1. AI Generator Compatibility: This AI Detector is a pioneering solution that can spot AI-generated content from a wide range of AI text generators, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Bing Chat, Claude, and many more. Whether it’s content from well-known generators or lesser-known ones, Stealthwriter has you covered.
  2. Multilingual Support: This tool understands that the online world speaks many languages. Stealthwriter AI Detector supports multiple languages, providing you with an inclusive solution. Keep in mind that accuracy may vary based on the complexity and nuances of each language, but their commitment to multilingual capability remains steadfast.
  3. Cost-Free Convenience: Here’s the good news – it’s entirely free to use! You can harness the power of Stealthwriter AI Detector without any financial burden. Your content verification journey starts right here, without dipping into your wallet.

These features collectively make Stealthwriter AI Detector a reliable and accessible tool for identifying AI-generated content across a diverse linguistic landscape.

Whether you’re a vigilant content creator, an information seeker, or a digital guardian, Stealthwriter equips you to tackle the challenges of AI-generated content effectively.

Testing Stealthwriter AI Detector

To truly understand the effectiveness of Stealthwriter AI Detector in identifying AI-generated content, let’s examine some real-world examples and the results of these tests.

Firstly, we copied and pasted AI-generated content from ChatGPT into Stealthwriter AI Detector to test its accuracy and check the results it would give us.

As shown in the picture above, Stealthwriter was successfully able to detect the AI content. It gave us the % of AI content in the text, and how many sentences are likely to be generated by AI tools and highlighted them to ease the process for users.

In the second test, the text being tested is generated by humans from an article published by BBC News.

As you can see in the picture above, Stealthwriter AI Detector was successfully able to detect that the text is human-generated.

Stealthwriter vs Other AI Detectors

When it comes to detection accuracy, Stealthwriter boasts an impressive accuracy rate of over 99%, consistently outperforming its peers.

Its exceptional ability to identify content from various AI text generators sets it apart as a top choice for content verification.

Winston AI, while offering commendable accuracy, may slightly lag behind Stealthwriter in detecting content from lesser-known AI text generators.

Copyleaks, on the other hand, is renowned for its prowess in plagiarism detection but may not be as specialized in recognizing AI-generated content.

GPTZero, as a standalone AI model, excels at content generation but may not be as versatile in spotting content from a variety of AI text generators.

Multilingual support is another area where Stealthwriter proves its mettle. With the ability to handle a wide range of languages, Stealthwriter ensures inclusivity and adaptability.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Stealthwriter takes the lead as it is entirely free to use, making it an affordable and accessible choice for users seeking to verify content integrity.

While other detectors have their strengths in specific areas, Stealthwriter‘s ability to consistently detect AI-generated content with precision, support multiple languages and provide its services at no cost make it a standout choice for content verification in the AI era.


Stealthwriter‘s unmatched accuracy, multilingual support, and cost-free accessibility make it the go-to solution for content creators, educators, researchers, and digital citizens alike.

It empowers users to navigate AI-generated content with confidence, providing a dependable shield against the spread of misleading or false information.

Moreover, Stealthwriter is not just a detector; it’s a guardian of content integrity. It underscores the importance of maintaining the trust and reliability of digital information, helping users uphold the highest standards of truth and accuracy.

It’s a step towards ensuring that the information we consume, create, and share is authentic, reliable, and free from the influence of AI-generated content.

In conclusion, Stealthwriter AI Detector is not merely a tool; it’s a weapon of reliability in the digital wilderness, and it holds the promise of a more transparent and trustworthy digital future.

It’s time to embrace the power of Stealthwriter and uphold the integrity of information in the age of AI.

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