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ZeroGPT Bypassed: How StealthWriter Wins in the Battle of AI Content


In the wide digital landscape, where words flow freely and information spreads rapidly, two players have come together to shape the way we interact with online content. Enter ZeroGPT and StealthWriter, two interesting technologies that are changing the game in the kingdom of artificial intelligence (AI).

ZeroGPT is like a super guard for the internet. It watches over what we read online. But it’s not a person; it’s a smart AI detection tool. Its job is to check if the content we read online was written by people or AI-generated. With ZeroGPT around, we can trust that what we read is real and not just made by machines.

Now, let’s talk about StealthWriter, a magical writer. It takes AI-generated content and makes it look like humans wrote it. So, if an AI tool writes something, StealthWriter can make it look like a person wrote it.

Why are ZeroGPT and StealthWriter so important? Well, in a world where lots of content online is written by AI tools, we need to know what’s real. ZeroGPT helps with that. But at the same time, StealthWriter helps people make AI-written text look more human in order to bypass AI detection tools such as ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, GPTZero, and many more.

As we go along, we’ll learn more about ZeroGPT and StealthWriter. We’ll see what they can do and how they help in different ways. We’ll also learn how people can make AI content look more human with StealthWriter.

Features of ZeroGPT

What makes ZeroGPT such a powerful tool in the world of online content? It’s got some pretty cool features that help it detect content generated by AI. Here’s what it can do.

1. Accurate Text DetectionZeroGPT utilizes advanced AI algorithms to precisely identify and extract text from various sources.
2. Multilingual SupportUsers can effortlessly detect and analyze text in multiple languages for seamless cross-lingual processing.
3. Real-Time DetectionZeroGPT provides instant results, displaying extracted text immediately without any waiting time.
4. Flexible Input OptionsIt accepts a wide range of input formats, including PDFs, URLs, and text files, offering flexibility in text detection.
5. API IntegrationZeroGPT offers an easy-to-use API, enabling developers to integrate its powerful text detection capabilities into their applications.
6. Comprehensive GPT DetectionZeroGPT can detect and identify any GPT variant, including BART, ChatGPT, or other AI-generated content.

These features collectively make ZeroGPT a powerful tool for enhancing the quality and trustworthiness of written content, helping to distinguish between human and AI-generated text.

Pros and Cons of ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT has some noteworthy pros and cons that are important to consider. On the positive side, it’s completely free to use, making it accessible to anyone without a budget constraint.

Furthermore, when it comes to detecting AI-generated text, ZeroGPT is a true champion in the field. Among the various AI detectors available, it stands out as the most aggressive and efficient one.

However, ZeroGPT’s precision can sometimes be a bit too keen, leading it to mistakenly flag human-written content as AI-generated. In comparison to alternatives like GPTZero or Originality.AI, ZeroGPT tends to produce more false alarms when identifying human content.

So, while it excels in detecting AI-generated text, it can be overly cautious and may not always correctly identify human-written content, showcasing both its strengths and limitations.

Testing the Accuracy of ZeroGPT

To make sure ZeroGPT is doing its detective work right, we have a clever way to test it. We will feed it different kinds of text, some written by people and some by AI, specifically from ChatGPT. Then, we will see how well ZeroGPT can tell them apart.

In the first test, we tested human-generated content. An article written by CNN News in 2011 was copied and pasted into ZeroGPT.

As shown in the picture above, ZeroGPT detected the content as human-written mainly, but with some parts of it being AI-generated although this article is fully human-written.

In the second test, we copied and pasted content from ChatGPT into ZeroGPT to check what the results of this AI detection tool would be.

As shown in the picture above, although the text was fully AI-generated, only 20% of it was detected as AI content, showing the lack of ZeroGPT’s accuracy.

To be more sure, we tested it again, using a different text that was also generated by AI in order to see if the results would differ this time.

Fortunately, ZeroGPT was successfully able to detect that this text was fully written by AI tools.

This shows that although this AI detection tool is able to differentiate between different types of content, it is not 100% perfect and makes some mistakes sometimes.

Bypassing ZeroGPT: Methods and StealthWriter

Some people have discovered tactics to get around ZeroGPT’s watchful gaze. In order to do so, they employ certain techniques, like introducing typos or adding extra punctuation marks to their text.

Let’s test this bypassing method to see if it actually works.

The text was still considered AI-generated and only a small part of it was able to bypass the AI detection tool. Therefore, we need a smarter bypassing method.

This is where Stealthwriter comes in handy. It’s a unique tool in the digital realm and possesses a fascinating ability. It takes content generated by AI, the very content that ZeroGPT typically detects, and performs a transformation, making it seem as if it were composed by humans.

In this way, when StealthWriter works its magic, ZeroGPT might not even recognize that it’s analyzing AI-generated content.

Testing Stealthwriter

In order to test if Stealthwriter can bypass ZeroGPT, we took the same AI-generated content that was detected by ZeroGPT and we copied and pasted it into Stealthwriter.

We then inputted the Stealthwriter content into ZeroGPT to check the results.

As you can see, the content generated by Stealthwriter was able to successfully bypass ZeroGPT, with only 22.58% considered AI content.

StealthWriter is acting like a digital hero. It can take AI-written text, the kind that ZeroGPT usually catches, and make it look like it was written by humans. It’s like turning a robot into a human.


ZeroGPT is a free tool that’s good at detecting AI-written text. However, it’s not perfect and sometimes mistakes human writing for AI or vice versa.

StealthWriter is like a secret weapon. It can make AI-written content look just like it was written by people, sneaking past ZeroGPT’s watchful eye.

Why does this matter? Well, in today’s digital world, it’s crucial to know what’s real and what’s not. ZeroGPT helps with that by keeping things honest. But StealthWriter helps content creators by letting them use AI creatively while staying under the radar.

So, it’s a bit like having two sides to a coin. ZeroGPT keeps things real, but sometimes it’s too cautious. StealthWriter lets us blend AI and human creativity seamlessly. These tools are important in our digital world, making sure what we read is trustworthy and engaging. They’re like the gatekeepers of the internet, helping us all have a better online experience.

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